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Bodevolve Pilates and Personal Training

Bodevolve offers specialised programs using Pilates-based exercises to focus on core, resistance training to increase strength, cardio training to burn fat and stretching to increase flexibility.

Pilates is an exercise method focused on conditioning the body by engaging the abdominal, pelvic and back muscles.

We offer a private professional mobile and Skype training service as well as mat classes.

With Bodevolve, there are no crowds and all sessions are appointment only with an NZQA qualified Personal Trainer and certified Pilates instructor.

We have competitive rates and there are no joining fees, memberships or contracts.

Bodevolve Mat Classes

Join Bodevolve Pilates in a mat class.  Our classes are a full body workout with emphasis on the core muscles and are suitable for all ages and abilities.

Benefits of Bodevolve Pilates

• Improve strength, flexibility and balance

• Restore posture alignment and create a stronger more flexible spine

• Tone and build long lean muscle without bulk

• Challenge and increase core strength

• Reduce stress, relieve tension and boost your energy levels

• Engage the mind and enhance body awareness.


Let us inspire and motivate you to achieve and maintain positive results.

Bodevolve Personal training

Achieve and maintain positive results

We aim to provide a flexible way to exercise, designed to suit individual needs and lifestyles.

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Bodevolve Pilates Mat Classes

Meet your individual goals in a supportive group setting

Join our class, be motivated and have some fun during your workout!

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